Café Coco is the Southern Caribbean’s newest and most spectacular Restaurant, Bar and Nightclub featuring the most intricate designs imaginable. Waterfalls, fountains, marble and exotic bathrooms, imported tiles and statues, all synchronized to create an atmosphere of profound beauty. An open kitchen offers food lovers, the chance to see their meals being prepared by experienced chefs schooled in the art of fine cuisine.

The food, whilst inexpensive is an eclectic blend of unique flavors and spices. The carefully selected menu offers food from many different Caribbean islands including Bermuda, Cuba, Aruba, Martinique, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago.

One can feel the sense of serenity and peace as you enter Café Coco - water cascades down the fountains and falls into a pond where fish swim amidst tropical plants of all description. Soothing music echoes over the state of the art sound system as you are escorted to your seat and sip a tantalizing, tropical fruit punch made with fresh, sun ripened fruits by an expert bar man. Architectural features in the 200 seat restaurant include 18 antique statues ensconced in individual alcoves.

As you bask in the warmth of friendly faces and warm smiles, your eyes have much to behold in the collection of fine artwork displayed throughout this masterpiece that is so typical of the style and finesse of John Jefferis and his wonderful staff.

Fantastic food, superb service and exotic ambience… Café Coco guarantees that if you only eat out once in Tobago, this is the place.

”Café Coco is under the expert direction of General Manager Maggie Sookoo.“